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What is SEO, and what is it for?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means in French: ” Optimisation pour les outils de recherche “. This term defines all the solutions implemented to improve the placement of a site on the results pages of search robots (SERP). It is also called google optimization.

The objective of an expert in natural e-reputation is to improve the visibility of the websites he implements by making them gain places on the engines (Google, and also Yahoo!, Bing, etc.). The aim is to bring together visitors interested in equipment / services or informative content. A site is said to be really useful optimized or referenced if it is in the first positions of a search engine on the desired queries.

At first glance, google optimization / SEO is not something easy to understand. Indeed, during telephone or written interviews, I could see that a lot of people had never heard of this profession / field before.

That’s why I invite you to take a quick tour of what SEO is, while explaining its usefulness, its functioning and its risks within a project.

What is SEO?

Generalities In order to reach the top result of a page without buying keywords, the SEO will work on different criteria indicated by Google. These therapeutics, called “white hat seo” (as opposed to “Black Hat” which are all practices considered fraudulent and prohibited) are defined according to the relevance of the result proposed to the user.


Google privileges the user experience in order not to create disappointment but also dissatisfaction that could taint its use. Indeed, the more Google has users, the more it will be able to market its advertising spaces (Google Ads), and thus enhance its product.

But for this it is imperative that the “searcher” (Internet users who search on Google) have a quick and extremely relevant result if compared to their initial request. E SEO, also called google optimization in French, is a set of techniques (so far we agree) allowing search robots (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) to start appearing your company in the search results according to the requests of Internet users.

Example: You sell squash merchandise on your company. The seo will create an opportunity for you to appear in the search results for those wishing to buy squash goods on the internet (“buy ping pong racket”, “cheap squash shoes” etc.).

You should know that 93% of internet experiences start with a search action on a search engine. It is therefore essential to position yourself correctly on the most common search engines!


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