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What is CLM software?

CLM stands for Contract Lifecycle Management. CLM software develops and improves organisational contracts, from creation to execution, performance tracking and award tracking.

What is CLM in law?

Life contract management is the process of directing the drafting, creation and active monitoring of contracts to achieve high quality and minimise significant contract risks. The CLM process facilitates and executes contract implementation processes at all stages, from contract inception to contract renewal.

How much does contract management software cost?

add to compare Product Starting price
add to compare Product Starting price
You have selected a maximum of 4 products to compare Add to compare Bidrik (3) 23,00 $
You have selected up to 4 products to compare Add to compare Bigle Law (13) 49,00 $

How do you use contract management software?

With contract management software, users create the most common contract templates that their business needs, whether it’s a lease, NDA, sales contract, etc. A template is a set of software rules that can be used to create a contract. A template is a set of software rules required to create a new document.

Does salesforce have a contract management system?

Salesforce CPQ: a strong contract solution. The best CPQ software will help you understand people and better meet their needs. Contract management with Salesforce CPQ, combined with the powerful capabilities of Salesforce CRM, gives you deep insight into the entire customer experience.

How much does Salesforce CPQ cost?

Name Price
EA-118-CPQ 75 USD / user / month * (billed annually)
CPQ + 150 USD / month / user * (billed annually)

The best strategies on the main social networks

Discover the best strategy on Facebook

The content shared on Facebook Before starting to deliver the different tips, it is necessary to work well its content. First of all, you have to know your audience, your target… But also to provide them with a quality article that is relevant enough to respond to the different issues encountered.

1 The stories

Stories are not very popular on Facebook, but they allow you to stop eating your way through the game since, like Instagram, they appear at the top of your news feed. Even today, they are a real opportunity because few companies use them. It is therefore very easy to appear on the news feed of your subscribers and attract their attention.


2 Create a group

Recently, you can create & attach a group to a site. So gather your fans in a group, with the public setting so that your community can grow. When a user joins a group, he expects something from you. Answer correctly to this expectation by showing your know-how, by regularly publishing content & by generating exchanges.

3 Facebook Lives

Facebook Lives are short live movies that you can broadcast publicly or only to your community. It’s an attractive way to provide your company’s life, a feature or a promotion. Also interact with your community by watching their comments that appear in the rhythm of your live.

Do you wish read the good strategys for your visibility on Instagram?

Gaining visibility on Instagram will provide you with the means to reach more targets.

Indeed, the more impressions on one of your posts, the more customers will have seen it. Your Instagram account is also a virtual showcase for your business, especially if you sell goods and not services.

1 Launch a challenge

To gain visibility you can launch a challenge that will go viral. This technique is part of the UGC game, User Generated Content. You will launch a challenge to your community. For example, you can ask them to post a photo of one of your products in a story or in their feed. To be engaging, the challenge should be interesting but also entertaining. By using this technique, your community will act as a real influencer.

2 Instagram visibility :

Have a recognizable identity! Dare to express your difference, don’t be a copy of what works: be you! Don’t hesitate to reveal your lifestyle: share your likes, the book you read, your favorite places, etc.

3 Define the most popular Hashtags in your niche:

Start by following a few accounts and get in touch with the hashtags they use, the styles of posts they share, the businesses they support. We suggest you spend your first week looking at this, and then build a strategy to reach their targets and a wider audience.

Need of know more information on twitter?

Twitter is an absolutely essential tool for business and will surely be the backbone of your social media strategy unanimously.

If you’re new to it, it can seem a bit barbaric, all those @’s, RT’s, abbrvtns and #hashtags. One of the questions you usually hear is, “How do I get more followers? “.

Although your presence on Twitter but also on social media as a whole is more of a long term strategy, succeeding in attracting a consistent and growing number of hard to pin down followers depends on a few actions to put in place immediately.

1 Surf on the trends of the social network

To get more followers on Twitter, you have to adapt to current trends. Keep an eye on the hashtags but still keywords of the period, to always be on the lookout for the latest.

Take advantage of this opportunity to communicate, it is a chance to be noticed. Your message must, of course, be consistent with popular topics.

2. Without a clearly identified “ideal customer”:

You need to know who are the customers who are most valuable to you in order to be useful to these people precisely to eventually make sales. Without this, you have the possibility of amassing many internet users without ever influencing your business.


3. Without a clear objective:

You need to know which path you want your customers to take. Example: bring clue by classifying their problems on Twitter by feature articles, get their email address on your blog or site then propose your solutions.

4 Plan your posts

Avoid posting in bursts. An excellent planning of your publications with the development of a social network content strategy can also make it easier for you to increase your number of followers on Twitter.

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What is Linux Arch and Linux Black Arch?

Let’s start with Black Arch Linux

BlackArch is a cybersecurity oriented distribution based on Arch Linux. This distribution targets experienced users and is designed specifically for cybersecurity researchers. BlackArch offers about 2550 tools for cybersecurity. In addition to cybersecurity tools, BlackArch provides some installation scripts and also pre-configuration software (for Vim for example) on its GitHub2 repository.

BlackArch is similar to using Parrot OS and Kali Linux when fully installed. However, a critical difference between my fellow distributions and BlackArch is that BlackArch does not provide a desktop environment but provides a number of pre-configured window managers.

Similar to Kali and Parrot, BlackArch can be burned to an ISO photograph and run as a live device. There are a lot of GNU/Linux distributions dedicated to security audits like KALI, which has just stopped eating in version 1.0.6 and about which I’ll say a few words in this post.

If these distributions are diverse, few of them use the good old Archlinux as a base. While browsing the crack-wifi forums I came across an interesting topic from kcdtv (which I salute 😉 ), which talks about BlackArch, a distribution based on Archlinux.

The project looks very nice and comes in two different forms. Full iso images that you can use live as you would with KALI Linux or Backtrack, or if you like, minimal images from which you will have the power to do a netinstall. This allows you to install only the items you want which is pretty cool, knowing that the full images contain some 600 tools, which in most cases you will never use. This will also give you a chance to adapt your distribution to the performance of your machine, which can be useful.

Another nice thing is that you can just add the BlackArch repositories on a traditional Archlinux, thus avoiding a dl and a complete installation.


Know more information on Arch Linux

Arch Linux is a light and fast distribution whose concept is to remain as simple as possible (KISS philosophy). The packages are optimized for i686 processors and the new 64bit generation. The official [core], and [extra] repositories are complemented by both the [community] package repository and my AUR blog, both of which are managed by the user community.

Our powerful community comes from different backgrounds and its members with different skill levels easily help each other. Feel free to visit our forums, wikis and mailing lists to dive into this fantastic distribution. For a quick discovery, test one of the Arch Linux based livecd. Arch Linux was designed as an operating system for advanced users. Its simple philosophy and no configuration tools requires, like Slackware, some Linux habits to be installed, but is still easy to maintain.

Arch’s philosophy consists of three points: Keep it simple ( according to the KISS idea), lightweight and flexible; Stay user-centric. The people using the system must know how it works.

Consequently, the use of a graphical environment is reduced since it usually hides this process and makes the user unable to solve problems related to it; Respect the free and community doctrines.

As a result, this distribution allows people who use it to contribute in any way they wish, as long as those contributions do not go against any ideals of thought or philosophy.

Arch Linux is a rolling release distribution, which means that it evolves progressively and over the long term according to the updates of your installed packages, without changing the version of the system.

For new installations, monthly updated disk images are available for download.

By using the package manager, users can keep their system up to date very easily.

Unlike some distributions that encourage their users to install new versions as soon as they are released, Arch Linux releases are simply snapshots taken at a moment’s notice that sometimes include a revised installation utility.


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What is SEO, and what is it for?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means in French: ” Optimisation pour les outils de recherche “. This term defines all the solutions implemented to improve the placement of a site on the results pages of search robots (SERP). It is also called google optimization.

The objective of an expert in natural e-reputation is to improve the visibility of the websites he implements by making them gain places on the engines (Google, and also Yahoo!, Bing, etc.). The aim is to bring together visitors interested in equipment / services or informative content. A site is said to be really useful optimized or referenced if it is in the first positions of a search engine on the desired queries.

At first glance, google optimization / SEO is not something easy to understand. Indeed, during telephone or written interviews, I could see that a lot of people had never heard of this profession / field before.

That’s why I invite you to take a quick tour of what SEO is, while explaining its usefulness, its functioning and its risks within a project.

What is SEO?

Generalities In order to reach the top result of a page without buying keywords, the SEO will work on different criteria indicated by Google. These therapeutics, called “white hat seo” (as opposed to “Black Hat” which are all practices considered fraudulent and prohibited) are defined according to the relevance of the result proposed to the user.


Google privileges the user experience in order not to create disappointment but also dissatisfaction that could taint its use. Indeed, the more Google has users, the more it will be able to market its advertising spaces (Google Ads), and thus enhance its product.

But for this it is imperative that the “searcher” (Internet users who search on Google) have a quick and extremely relevant result if compared to their initial request. E SEO, also called google optimization in French, is a set of techniques (so far we agree) allowing search robots (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) to start appearing your company in the search results according to the requests of Internet users.

Example: You sell squash merchandise on your company. The seo will create an opportunity for you to appear in the search results for those wishing to buy squash goods on the internet (“buy ping pong racket”, “cheap squash shoes” etc.).

You should know that 93% of internet experiences start with a search action on a search engine. It is therefore essential to position yourself correctly on the most common search engines!


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